Afaaq Institute Students Begin Practical Activities in Mobile Maintenance Program

The students at Afaaq Institute of Industrial and Technical Sciences have begun the practical activities for the mobile maintenance program after completing the theoretical part. The practical application activities included training students on installing charging jacks and understanding the circuits of microphones and buzzers.


Mars Organization Concludes Training Program and Honors Top Students in Solar Energy and WIFI Networks Diploma

Mars Organization concluded its first training program under the Horizons Institute for Industrial and Technical Sciences project. Certificates and rewards were presented to the top students in the Solar Energy Systems Training and WIFI Networks Programming courses.

Mars wishes success to the graduates and hopes that these trainings are a first step towards supporting and empowering young people to enter the job market.

Afaak Institute project honors creative female students in the Microsoft Office Basics course in rural Idlib

March organization has completed its first training program for the year 2024, as part of the Afak Institute project for industrial and technological sciences, held in Atmeh in the countryside of Idlib province. During this event, certificates of appreciation and rewards were distributed to talented female students who enthusiastically participated in the ‘Microsoft Office Basics’ course, where they acquired a variety of new skills in essential business applications, including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook. We feel great pride and confidence in their abilities and look forward to a bright future filled with creativity and success

Dialogue Sessions in the Takafo Project: Deepening Understanding and Enhancing Political Participation

The organization conducted a series of 20 dialogue sessions as part of the Takafo Project, with the aim of “enhancing political participation and deepening the general understanding of the concepts of constructive dialogue and citizenship for persons with disabilities and citizens in the local community.” A total of 262 participants from various segments of the local community participated in these sessions, including local authorities, youth, women, and individuals with disabilities.

The sessions focused on various rights-based and political topics, including the current state of citizenship and political participation in the region, the role of the local council and institutions in enhancing political participation for persons with disabilities. Additionally, experiences and success stories of persons with disabilities in political participation and their impact on decision-making were discussed.

Field trips for the practical section of the Diploma in Solar Energy Systems Installation and Maintenance.

Through the Perspectives Institute for Industrial and Technological Sciences, we aim to bridge the gap between theoretical and practical education, with the goal of developing students’ skills and applying their studies practically to prepare them for the job market. As part of the field trips for diploma students in “Installation and Maintenance of Solar Energy Systems – Advanced Level,” we focus on troubleshooting, device modification techniques, and the use of diagnostic methods to detect faults, all with practical applications.

Microsoft Diploma: Developing Young Women’s Skills in Application Usage

With the aim of empowering the capabilities of young men and women, and enabling them to ensure access to the best resources to build a suitable future for themselves and their families, the organization concluded the activities of the Microsoft Office Applications Diploma for Women. Through the diploma, trainees acquired skills and experience in Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint applications. Through the Institute of Horizons for Industrial and Technological Sciences project, Mars seeks to empower and build the capacities of young men and women as part of early recovery and capacity-building sector activities.

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