Who We Are!

MARS is a neutral, non-profit civil society organization not affiliated with any political entity. In 2012, it started its work with a youth initiative driven by a dedicated group of activists who deeply value the strength of developed civil communities where justice, democracy and human rights prevail. MARS is registered and licensed in Turkey under the number 27-027-192, with several branches in Syria and other countries.
mission & vision

A time of renewal and transformation!

  • Mission
MARS seeks to meet the needs of those affected by armed conflicts and other instances of violence to improve people's well-being and to support all members of civil societies in building healthy, productive, and sustainable communities.
  • Vision
A conscious, resilient, and effective civil society driven by the commitment to change to create a future where freedom, justice, dignity, and the rule of law prevail, forming the foundation for a social contract among all its members.

Our Values

Emphasizing precision and quality by supporting its teams for successful execution while adhering to principles of humanitarian work.
Seeking positive community change through innovative technology, continuous improvement, and creative problem-solving approaches.
Dedicating to neutrality by making unbiased, data-driven decisions that prioritize community participation and transparency.
Prioritizing open collaboration, diversity, and trust in working with partners and communities to achieve positive change.
Partnerships and Collective Work
Fostering collaborations and advocating for the values of cooperation

Our Objectives

Protecting civilians

from the effects of war and providing humanitarian assistance to the most vulnerable groups.


to the accumulation of knowledge that serves
local communities.

Empowering and supporting

the capacities of women to become active elements in building and sustaining communities.

Promoting a culture

of dialogue, peaceful coexistence, the importance of the rule of law and empowering people's voices in determining their futures.

Building the capacities

of affected communities in legal, administrative, scientific, and professional fields to ensure they have the necessary resources for dignified self-sufficiency.

Protecting children

and supporting community
initiatives to empower, develop, and reintegrate
them into society.

The Beneficiaries


Children represent the core and the future of our society. They have the right to live in an environment of freedom, dignity, and safety. This includes access to education, protection from any form of exploitation or abuse, and the opportunity to grow up in a nurturing and secure setting.


Youth are the architects of our future and play a pivotal role in shaping society. They are the driving force behind progress, representing our hopes and dreams for a better tomorrow. Our dedication is to empower and equip them to be active and influential members of their communities.

People with Disabilities

We are equally committed to empowering individuals with disabilities, offering tailored awareness programs, training, and income opportunities. We aim to create inclusive spaces and provide specialized services, emphasizing protection and empowerment for individuals with disabilities.


We're committed to empowering women and restoring their vital role in society. Through awareness programs, vocational training, and income generation, we aim to support women, particularly those who've lost breadwinners. We also establish safe spaces for women and girls, offering various support services, protection, and empowerment activities, fostering an environment where they can thrive and lead fulfilling lives.

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